Pastors Jeremiah and Lisa Hosford

picture-for-bio-4965-ver-4On an October morning in 2002, in answer to an ultimatum by his wife, Lisa, to “go to church with me, or be gone when I get back”, Jeremiah Hosford walked through the doors of Abundant Life Church, not as the pastor, but as a broken man, bound by addiction and far from God.  Though he had been raised in a Spirit-filled home and knew of the power of God, Jeremiah had fallen into a life of addiction and crime.  “Life, before salvation, was a blur”, explains Jeremiah. As soon as they walked in, he sensed the power of God, and during worship, a message in tongues and interpretation spoke directly to this wayward young couple. First Lisa, and then Jeremiah rushed to the altar, and that day both of their lives were transformed by God’s grace and redemption.  Soon after, Jeremiah and Lisa were both baptized in the Holy Spirit, and called into ministry.

Over the next several years, Jeremiah prepared for ministry, not knowing how it would all come together.  Then, in 2009 confirmation came when his pastor and mentor announced that he would be leaving Abundant Life.  Jeremiah was asked to serve as Interim Pastor, and six months later, to become the lead pastor of that same church, Abundant Life.

Eight years later, Pastors Jeremiah and Lisa Hosford continue to lead Abundant Life, which has become one of the strongest Pentecostal churches in America.  The church has grown to a congregation of nearly 800, with a 2nd campus located in Forsyth, Georgia.  In March 2016, the church moved to a new facility, Abundant Life Revival Center that God miraculously provided.  Pastor Jeremiah has become known throughout the region, the nation, and the world as a man of notorious faith with a powerful anointing to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.